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NEO FOOTBALL Adventkalender Türchen #21

Complex Football: From Seirul Io´s Structured Training to Frade´s Tactical Periodisation.

NEO FOOTBALL Adventkalender - Complex Football
Buch: Complex Football


Javier Mallo



Complexity sciences provide a new theoretical background to study football, going beyond the traditional statement which has guided many training courses during decades: "This is how things have always being done in football" (as if there were no possible alternatives. The paradigm shift in this book allows a deeper understanding of the physical (movements), technical (actions) and tactical (interactions) components of the game. Francisco (Paco) Seirul Io and Vítor Frade have to be considered among the greatest influencers and ambassadors of this new training approach, setting the foundations to optimize the function of the footballer in his specific performance scenario: football. They both concurred that the classical approximation to study team sports based on individual sports did not satisfy the singularity of football and, thus, investigated for new strategies. Not only have Sirul Io (Strutctured Training) and Frade (Tactical Periodisation) supported their methodologies in a profund theoretical background, but also have contrasted their postulates in top-class football scenarios, which have enriched the quality of their proposals.


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Das NEO FOOTBALL Buch "Taktische Periodisierung - Die Spielidee bestimmt das Training" ist unter diesem LINK über AMAZON erhältlich.*




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