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NEO FOOTBALL Adventkalender Türchen #15

How simple can it be?

NEO FOOTBALL Adventkalender - How simple can it be?
Buch: How simple can it be?


Raymond Verheijen

Frank van Kolfschooten



Raymond Verheijen (1971) has been attracting attention in the media and on Twitter for years with his educational and occasionally provocative statements about the conservatism and lack of education in the football world. Some consider him a knwo-it-all, but his groundbreaking mehods are based on objective insights and are proven to be effective over and over again. He has coached and advised teams like FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC and Manchester City, and has since EURO 2000 been only coach in international football involved in all European Championships and World Cups, with the national teams of the Neterlands, South Korea, Russia and Argentina.

In 2009, Verheijen founded the World Football Academy in order to set in motion a revolution in the conservative football world on all continents. In his widely praised courses, he educates coaches worldwide about the football specific principles. In "How simple can it be?" he now also explains this to the general public, using straightforward examples and comprehensible language. Meanwhile Verheijen tells many amusing and surprising anecdotes about the football world and the celebrities with whom he has worked.


Hier zu erwerben:

Das Buch ist unter diesem LINK über den Webshop der World Football Academy erhältlich.


Das NEO FOOTBALL Buch "Taktische Periodisierung - Die Spielidee bestimmt das Training" ist unter diesem LINK über AMAZON erhältlich.*




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